Indexation Issues

If you’re experiencing keyword cannibalization, you should ask yourself a few questions: What are the rankings of the competing pages? Is it better to combine those pages into one large page? And what should the page look like? What consequences can this have on the search results, the internal links and any errors? The larger the website is, the longer it takes to get a good overview and then decide how to go about it.

The results that arise

I often include this part in keyword mapping . SEO-analyse website sitemap The need for an SEO analysis So understand that all these parts can influence the findability of the website. If the website, figuratively speaking, is completely leaky, then it Ukraine Phone Number List makes no sense to further expand the website with new content. Especially not if you don’t even know what the website is currently ranking for.

The longer a website exists

Of course, a manual analysis goes much deeper, but I hope you see the need for it. And even when you’re done analyzing the website itself, you don’t start looking at the content, and at the competition. Some marketers do this in one go, while I personally find it more manageable to first solve the problems and then move on to the next part. This also depends on the number of people participating in the process.

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