In addition, you can of course ask yourself

Or add a personal touch. In recent months we have seen living rooms transformed into a true restaurant, with chefs in your own kitchen and playlists of the music from your favorite restaurant. But a personal thank you or an accompanying letter also works wonders. The main thing is that you give your customers a reason to jump on their bike and ride your way instead of ordering via an Uber Eats or home delivery.

Do not underestimate the power

Get ready! Finally, a reminder for the short term: make sure you are prepared for different scenarios. Because yes, we still don’t know exactly when the catering industry can open Chief VP Compliance Email Lists or in what way. We do know that everyone can’t wait. To sit at the table, the bar or on the terrace again. We expect a small rush. We take into account the measures we know from the past, such as being able to accommodate only a limited number of guests.

Experiment with newsletters

We then work out various scenarios to see how you can optimize your turnover. The same applies to locations that do not have a terrace, while that is the only part that is allowed to open at that time. If this applies to you, see how you can still generate additional revenue. So schedule some time to run through your marketing tools and get creative before you open your doors again. For example, make sure that your website and social media channels look super sleek and are customer-friendly.

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