Importance of Transparency in Social Media Marketing

Percent think that they do not have sufficient autonomy, lack passion, do not feel that they can use knowledge well, and want to feel more Nigeria Phone Number List valued.” That doesn’t sound good, how did that come about? Digitalization has happened to us in many cases. We implement all kinds of technological innovations but lose sight of the value we can add as humans. The fact is that we have drifted further and further.

Content That Takes the Same

What we actually want. Nowadays, for example, people indicate that they are already satisfi with their working day if the inbox is empty. Our added value as human beings is often not considered in these implementations, and that has consequences. This is not because robots are going to do our work, but because we are afraid of losing our certainties and have lost sight of the added values ​​that people have.

Form as Editorial Content

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Have in the workplace.” Our added value as human beings is often not considered in technological implementations, and that has consequences. We have drifted further and further away from what we actually want. Use your human skills How can we turn this around? “Technological developments are of all times. But that was always about technology that makes our work physically easier.

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