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Dark mode Dark mode is a color setting that darkens the appearance of your mobile operating system or an app. Normally, the background is white and the text is dark. With dark mode you turn this around. Dark mode is becoming more and more popular . How do you take this into account? Make sure all your images have a transparent background in your newsletter.

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If your logo contains a black work name, it will be omitted. Provide a white outline or a white area behind the text. It is even possible to show different images in some. Buy email list from latest mailing list. In addition, there are also all kinds of hacks Estonia WhatsApp Number List that enable you to show certain elements, such as images or buttons, in normal mode and only show variants in dark mode. 10 tips designing a newsletter Source:

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In the example above, dark mode is not taken into account. An example of a light and dark mode of a website Source: In this. Image you can see that dark mode is properly taken into account. 4. Responsive In 2020, there were 3.9 billion daily email users . Of these, nearly half (46 percent) opened emails on a mobile device.

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