Image Size and Compression

When you use high quality stock images, you add a lot of stress to the server just loading the images. The higher the quality of the image, the more will be its size. If the image you are uploading is in KB triple digits or MB, then it is because the image quality is too high. It is possible that the size of the image is about 500 x 500 pixels and still large. Ivory Coast Phone Number List In moments like this, you can’t simply resize the pictures; you need to compress them to be lighter. There are also tools like Tiny PNG that can help you in compressing images to reduce their size. Even after compressing the image, it will not affect the image quality much. The image will still look good, it won’t be distorted or pixelated. Image Size and Compression.

Image Compression

If you are writing an article where you have to share very high quality images, for example sharing wallpaper collections, then it is best to upload high quality images on Dropbox or other similar sites. You can then resize those images in scale and dimensions, upload the resized images to your articles, and then link them to the original image hosting cloud service. This way, you provide your readers with high-quality images without compromising the loading speed of your pages. ALT text The main purpose of the accompanying text is to provide a description of the image file. If the image is not displayed for whatever reason, an alt text will appear in its place describing the content of the image.

How to Select Alt Text?

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Ivory Coast Phone Number List

You now know the benefits and the importance of ALT text, but how should you enter like ALT text in images? ALT text is the best place to enter a keyword and increase your chances of showing up in image searches. However, you need to make sure your image fits your ALT text. You shouldn’t add an image of a cat to your article and label it “the best SEO tool, free .” It just doesn’t make any sense. So use a correct image that shows the subject of your article, and add keywords in the alt text to make it visible to search engines and increase your chances of success getting ranked. How to add ALT text to images? To add the ALT text of the code for the image, just add alt=”this is your ALT text”. Here’s an example on how to do that.


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