Illustration for music lovers and design lovers

Oscar giménez, inveterate music lover and renowned illustrator, teaches you how to create music lovers posters. If there is a genre capable of uniting two disciplines as beloved as music and design, that is the music poster. Open to all kinds of styles and techniques, it lends itself to personal interpretation and invites you to dream with melodies and acoustic journeys.

The spanish illustrator oscar giménez oscargimenez is one of the lucky ones who has managed to make a name for himself in the music poster scene with his characteristic style, whose secrets he unravels in the illustration for music lovers course that he teaches at domestika. Illustration for music lovers and design.


Innovative Bicycle Design Thrives in Copenhagen.

Lovers 1 national and international jewelry retouch service bands such as tame impala, paul weller, the tallest man on earth or triángulo de amor bizarro have been the protagonists of his posters on his tours of spain and there have been several music festivals that have had his illustrations to show the world. Their lineup . Illustration for music lovers and design lovers 3 music is a recurring motif in the work of oscar giménez, who in this course teaches his students to transform the melodies and the ideas and images that they write in their imagination, into digital illustrations.

The technique that oscar giménez teaches in this course allows anyone, regardless of their knowledge of drawing, to create impressive musical posters that will make fans dream of the concert of their favorite band, since, in this case, they use the digital collage for explosive results.

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Contemporary Design on the Rise in Beijing.

The modality of the illustration for music lovers CMB Directory course taught by oscar giménez and that of all the domestika courses is online, so you can learn wherever and whenever you want. Capture the colors of your environment with this swatchmate cube , which will quickly become your best friend. Let’s imagine you’re strolling down the street, and fall in love with the perfect. Mustard yellow of this cute vintage bike. Just take the cube out of your pocket, scan the color, and the information will automatically appear on your smartphone.

You then have all the keys in hand to reuse this exact color to personalize your office and make it. Stylish – repaint part of the wall, accessorize your space… transform the way you take notes postit table you need to take notes but you’re tired of all those loose papers on your desk, or you just can’t find any paper when you need it. Here is the solution this giant postit block will allow you to put all your ideas on paper, right at the desk.

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