If you do not handle the use of photography

Than for a photo that you use editorially. You don’t buy a photo, you pay to use a photo. Copyright Besides the fact that you are dealing. With everyone who is depicted in a photo, there is another party. That you as an image user have to take into account. the photographer or the maker of the image. Where in some cases the portrayed person must give permission for publication, the maker of a photo must at all times give permission for the use of an image.

portrait right

The maker reverts to copyright as soon as there are uncertainties about this. Close a license agreement directly with the creator of the image or purchase an image from a press or photo agency. In the latter case, the agency is responsible Nicaragua B2B List for all agreements made regarding copyrights. In a license agreement you put all the agreements made in. Black and white so that both parties know what can and cannot be done with the image. Model released image.

Royalty free is often interpreted

Photos: ANP/Sabine Joosten Model released image. Photos: ANP/Sabine Joosten So make sure that you have permission from the creator to use an image and that you correctly cite it as the source. If you make unlawful use of someone else’s image and thus infringe the rights of the maker, you run the risk that you will have to pay compensation, for example. And note: you don’t buy a photo, you pay to use a photo.

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