If the corona crisis has taught

Ask a customer if you can interview him and then don’t ask for the usual way. Take to the streets in search of inspiration. You never know what you’ll come home with. The working time Of course it is not possible at every company to organize your own time, but there are also other ways to organize the working time differently for people. For example, by meeting less and sending out fewer emails.

starts with provocation

Annoying interruptions and/or inefficient use of time lead to loss of time. You can also spend that El Salvador WhatsApp Number List time in other ways. The working material Our brain is like a muscle that needs regular exercise. You can use weights to train your arm muscles. There are also tools for your brain. The book Innoshock gives you countless tips to trigger the brain and use it for your organization.

The ultimate work experience

Make a mood board to give more shape to ideas or play a language game to come up with a better text. They are not open doors but other ways to arrive at an idea or working method. The work network There are three stages in the creative process. You start with a problem or challenge for which you are looking for solutions or ideas. Then you broaden or diverge: you come up with many ideas.

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