I immerse myself in the sneaker scene

Opposite this are the 17-year-old ‘professional’ resellers who purely for the money try to score as many hyped pairs as possible. They often do not shy away from using bots for an unfair advantage in draws. Resell-platformen Screenshot of an app group about sneakers. ‘In-it-for-the-money’ resellers Bron: Screenshot uit appgroep GruppoBigFeet45+. The resell market has developed to a professional level.

with the help of hype building.

Platforms such as Stockx keep a detailed record of price developments per model and shoe size. The set-up almost makes you think. Of a stock Djibouti B2B List exchange, where price fluctuations are tracked in. Percentages based on supply and demand. Although the sneaker brands do not initially make money from the resell market, this dynamic contributes continuously to their brand image .

from collecting to hype building

The initial promotional activities indirectly have a positive effect on future sales figures. A cool trick? Nike’s approach, among other things, responds to the time-honored principle of ‘exclusiveness’. Make something too exclusive, and there’s too little inventory to earn on. The solution: massclusivity . With a little imagination, you will come up with the definition.

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