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Innovatievere events post-corona The disruption in the past year has accelerated many new developments in the event field, which will make events post-corona much stronger, more innovative and more successful. The event about content (marketing): with bol.com & Japke-d. Bouma Do you want to gain inspiration in the field of content strategy, content creation and SEO?

Never waste a good crisis

Then you should not miss the 1st edition of Content Conference on June 17th. Follow keynotes and sessions from, among others, Jarno Duursma, Japke-d. Bouma, bol.com and Frankwatching. Now for only €59 (+ group discount). Something for you too? With the Morocco Phone Number List announcement of the end of third party cookies, Google has shaken the cards. While this announcement comes as no surprise, the impact cannot be underestimated.

becoming more important

What does this development mean in concrete terms for companies that spend part of their marketing budget on targeted ads? Can you still rely on user data for targeted advertising? And how do you prepare for a future without third party cookies? More and more people are concerned about the extent to which their personal data is being mined for the benefit of the big tech companies.

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