However, studies show, among other things

Ten Percent , a weekly interview series focusing on LGBT issues Based on. That 10% and an incorrectly assumed higher average income. The US (for the Netherlands, the estimates are not based on such erroneous assumptions). But where does that 10% come from and is it correct? Measurable segments For starters, sexual orientation is not easy to measure.

As we saw under “Homogeneity”

Data is relatively rare and the LGBT population may be reluctant to identify themselves as such in surveys or a census. The most famous basis for the estimates comes from Alfred Kinsey’s Burma B2B List infamous report, the groundbreaking Sexual Behavior in the Human Male , which dates back to 1948 (!). He estimated the target audience for gay men to be between 2.3% and 10% – a fairly wide range.

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It should be noted that his research methods were not very scientific. Buy email list from latest mailing database. I did not have sex with that woma n” – I mean). He visited respondents in prisons and the gay ‘underworld’, made friends with them. And wrote down their behavior with an obscure code while drinking a cigarette. Since then, many studies have been done to show. That many different numbers can be established, depending on how.

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