However, as time goes on

Careful, yes. Hornbach took the plunge and placed a hooker over Mark Rutte, praising their work gloves. This was quickly followed by VakantieVeilingen. Which came up with a toilet paper joke. What is striking is that companies do not pick up on the virus itself, but mainly on the behavior of the Dutch during the pandemic. Here the boundary seems drawn on what is and is not possible.

This was quickly followed by VakantieVeilingen

Image accompanying article on social media trends. HolidayAuctions on Facebook However, as time goes on, companies become more creative. This is also very Cyprus WhatsApp Number List well reflected in the nominees of The Best Social Awards. Think, for example, of the posts from Pathe, Unox and Well-timed inhakers simply score extremely well and that is why responding to current events is still a good marketing strategy.

Many companies held off

Live is life Because live events were suddenly no longer possible during the pandemic, many companies had to think outside the box. How do you ensure that people still have a live experience while they are still at home? Live streaming turned out to be a solution for many. Nowadays anyone can go live on social media. It has never been so easy and popular as it is now. On Twitter, TikTok and of course Instagram,

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