How well organizations meet

More and more companies offer their customers subscriptions to products and services. Think of the gym, streaming services. Cloud storage, but also razors, flowers or even a mattress. This recurring subscription business ensures a substantial. Growth of the customer base and increased turnover. But also greater retention and a higher customer lifetime value.

Why you should choose a chatbot

Subscribers, in turn, get convenience and instant access, anytime, anywhere. Products as a service. Despite the popularity of this revenue model, most administration. Software is still focused on (one-off) transactions. How can you effectively administer Media Directors Email Lists ongoing services and make them scalable? And what should you pay attention to when finding a (new) billing system. Accounting software and CRM, and managing your customer portfolio (subscription management)? To knowledge base.

How well organizations meet
How well organizations meet

What advantages a chatbot entails

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to transform society and the way we live. Chatbots, also called automated interlocutors, built on. Conversational AI are more popular than ever. All over the world, innovative companies are using these chatbots to take their way of providing services to the next level. Understanding this advanced chatbot technology is crucial if you want it to work for your organization. In this white paper you will learn 10 use cases from various international companies.

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