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Switching to a sustainable supply chain is a fundamental step. In the path that will allow companies to be more competitive and resilient and, at the same time, “eco-friendly”. Environmental sustainability is important for customers and consumers and is necessary. To contribute to the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, asset. But how to reconcile the growth objectives and the sustainability and efficiency needs of a supply chain?

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The environmental impact associated with Consumer Products & Retail companies is generated along the Supply Chain. “The supply chain of the typical consumer goods company – explain the researchers – creates social and environmental costs much greater. Then China Phone Number List the benefits deriving from its activities, generating over 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and over 90% of the impact on the air, land, water, biodiversity and geological resources of the company itself. That’s why consumer companies need to focus on their supply chain to significantly reduce these costs ”.

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On the sustainable supply chain, the major automotive brands are already declaring their intentions. With the aim of achieving carbon neutrality ( i.e. zero emissions which predict a balance between emissions and carbon absorption) by 2039, Mercedes-Benz has developed a package of measures along the entire value chain. “The supplier network is a key element in achieving Mercedes-Benz’s climate goals due. The increased demand for energy in the production of fully electric vehicles.

Out by the American consultancy firm Proxima specialized in procurement, which reveals how investment managers are in the United Kingdom and in the United States believe that companies without a sustainable supply chain will attract fewer investments and see stock prices fall over the next decade.


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