How to Find Domain Owner Name

We were doing a client and a little research popped up on a question; “Who owns this domain name?”. This question is not uncommon in the webmaster community. But why do you want to know who owns a particular domain name? There may be several reasons. Maybe your own domain name and just want to make sure it’s really yours! Fake Websites How to Identify Fraudulent Websites Maybe you are planning to buy an expired domain name or plan to make a bid for a registered domain or may want to check the credentials of your favorite website. Whatever the need, you must first try to find out the domain owner name and corresponding details.

Domain Owner Lookup will help you verify: registrar details, Legal field owner or certificate of registration, active privacy controls, and It can help identify issues that may lead to disputes You can own a domain name and you can even pay the bill to renew it; but are you sure about your legitimate domain name owner ? If you are not the rightful Poland Phone Number List owner of the domain name, someone else may be using it without your knowledge. Who is the owner of your domain, has full control, such as administrative rights, and the right to sell it . Therefore, it is very important to verify that the domain name is really owned.

Find the Domain Owner Name

So, how do you find out who owns the domain? There are free online services that allow you to check the domain owner. In a few simple steps, you can get all the required site details by visiting TUCOWS Domains, NetTime, Domain Tools and ICANN WHOIS, or you can use domain registrars like GoDaddy. You can also search for WHOIS in Google. Fake Websites How to Identify Fraudulent Websites A search will reveal a list of free online WHOIS services available. Finding domain name holders is easy Let’s try to learn more about how domain owner names are assigned.

The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) authorizes registrars to issue and change domain names open to the public. The registrant is the owner of the domain name. A domain name can have 4 associated contact names. However, only one name can be the actual registrant or owner. Owners may reserve all rights like administration, billing , technical or designate a separate person for each. Therefore, you must know the legitimate domain owner, and the owner’s rights.

Use Who is Database

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WHOIS is a public database that allows you to search for domain name details. These databases are published and classes are updated for each extension. The information provided is sufficient to contact the source of the associated domain name who can troubleshoot configuration issues, if any. Services through registrars and registrations willing to provide WHOIS data are referred to as WHOIS services . Anyone can use the WHOIS service to search their database and identify registered car owners or register a domain name.


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