How to Activate Google AMP and Facebook Instant

Many bloggers are looking for ways how to increase visitor traffic on their blogs and so that their web pages are ranked at the top. Because if their traffic goes down, their income will also drop. We have good news to solve this problem, namely by using Google AMP and Facebook Instant products. Both serve to quickly increase / increase visitor traffic to your blog. And its use is also easy, we will explain later, it’s better now that you know the meaning of these 2 features first.

1 Get to know Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
2 Get to know Facebook Instant Articles
2.1 What are the Benefits?
3 Steps to Install Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles in WordPress (WP)
3.1 Step 1: Install the PageFrog plugin
3.2 Step 2: Setup Facebook Instant Articles
3.3 Step 3: Setup Google AMP
3.4 Step 4: Adjust your styling
3.5 Step 5: Watch your website traffic grow
4 Conclusion

Get to know Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is a new project from Google designed to improve web loading speed and user experience via mobile. You may have seen it in a google search from your mobile device.

AMP is an open source or free framework that is an alternative way to deliver content to users. It serves to speed up loading times which will reduce complex functions in burdensome javascript and html, you can read the technical settings for AMP on their official website.

This product serves content using their server, not your web server. This will speed up site loading. To use AMP, the web will be converted into a web that has the google AMP standard, leaving only the important things on the web, and discarding the unnecessary.

Get to know Facebook Instant Articles

Similar to Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles is also an alternative way to display website content loading at fantastic speed to visitors. However, the Instant Articles project has some major Quality Directors Email Lists differences from Google AMP. Facebook Instant Articles allows Facebook users to read all of your articles directly from the Facebook mobile app, without having to click through to your site. Articles load instantly when the user clicks on them, so they don’t have to wait until they are fully loaded.

Unlike Google AMP

Quality Directors Email Lists

Facebook Instant Articles is proprietary or not open source. That means that other sites like Twitter can automatically use Google AMP, as opposed to Facebook which has to approve partners to be able to publish Instant Articles to Facebook. For the time being, Facebook Instant Articles was in beta and only available to select publishers, but they’ve recently opened this feature to anyone who is an editor or administrator of a Facebook page.

After registering, you can add Instant Articles manually from your Facebook page or automatically through one of the publishing partners on Facebook. Currently, Facebook’s Instant Articles partners include WordPress, Medium, RebelMouse, ShareThis, Sovrn, Tempest, Adove Analytics, Parsely, Chartbeast, Nielsen, and SimpleReach. When you publish Instant Articles on Facebook,

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