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Stefano Cudicio, President and founder of the Venetian company. Pioneer of software for the management of warehouse and production logistic flows. talks about the growth path. In a context in which the visibility and efficiency of the supply chain are severely tested. . “There is great awareness among customers, the demand is very strong, also thanks to the Transition 4.0 plan and the PNR, which will be an extraordinary driving force”

What Is The Balance Of These Last 

Been so critical and in the spotlight as in recent years. Closed shops, sick leave, e-commerce boom, scarce raw materials, changes in demand, Brexit: there are many concomitant factors that have put in crisis, causing delays in deliveries, stockouts in stores, chaos in warehouses, USA Phone Number List production stops due to the absence of personnel. And companies have understood the importance of digitizing: only with integrated management systems for logistics, warehouses and production is it possible to have that level of visibility and transparency on the processes that allow you to anticipate problems and manage risks.
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Two Years Of Stesi’s Activity?

A scenario that has rewarded the companies that have been operating in this sector for years, such as Stasi, a Made in Italy reality founded in Veneto by Stefano Cudicio, current president, who has been dealing with logistics and, in particular, software for more than twenty years. for the management of warehouse and production logistic flows. The company, which has an industrial partnership with has more than doubled its turnover in three years, investing in product innovation and human capital. Supporting many Italian manufacturing companies in optimization and automation processes. Clients include Quadrifoglio, Cherubini, Nardi,  Kasanova, and many others, of large and medium-size.

The balance is extremely positive. We can say that we have achieved all the objectives of Stasi’s 2018 Strategic Plan. Which provided for the doubling of turnover, shifting the mix from services to recurring revenues. Maintaining close relationships with our customers, and enriching the features of the products.

2022 opened with an order book that is already equal to the turnover of 2021. Which has increased by 60% compared to 2020, which makes us estimate a further growth of 30% this year. The limit now lies in the ability to carry out projects, because the demand is very strong. Also thanks to the Transition 4.0 plan (formerly Industry 4.0) and the PNR, which will be an extraordinary driving force.

We have also strengthened the industrial partnership with Toyota. Which uses our software platform as a supervisor in many of the integrated plants it builds. We are very proud of it and it represents a great responsibility. Because together we serve medium and large companies, with a very high level of service required.

Above all, the Stasi brand has become synonymous with reliability, a guarantee of success.


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