How do you make your stories attractive?

For this it is good to know that stories work via AMP technology. Which means there are opportunities for every CMS to get started with these visual stories. Send this link to your web builder and he will arrange it for you. How do you make your stories attractive? Just like on Instagram, you can easily make your stories dynamic and interactive by adding fun extras per slide.

don’t work on WordPress?

Think of: images, gifs and even videos. Make every slide visually appealing by adding the right visuals to it. combining text with audio. Be careful with this, as most users are never that happy VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists with unexpected music from their speakers or in their earphones. Still, audio is a nice addition if you want to record extra information with a slide, for example. animations and interaction.

Getting started with Web Stories,

You also keep your stories attractive by animating text and images via the plugin. And make sure you have a good follow-up step in your last slide. This way you can serve the users even better. How do you combine Web Stories and SEO? Of course, creating a Web Story does not mean that you will automatically find your story at the top of the search result pages (SERP) for the keywords you want.

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