How do you create these Web Stories?

Make your story SEO-proof. Google has listed a number of tips for this: Integrality. Make sure your story is a round one. In other words: if your slideshow turns out to be a disguised advertisement after 5 taps, you will not rank. So don’t put links in your articles that refer to other websites or apps. Maximum one affiliate link.

Sure, this is a very specific search term

If you want to refer readers to a marketplace, do this no more than once per story. Number of slides. Minimum 5 slides, maximum 30. Google advises to keep VP Communications Officer Email Lists between 10 and 20 pages. Title length. Keep a maximum of 40 characters. Text. Keep a maximum of 200 characters per slide. Video. If you use videos in your stories, make sure they are around 15 seconds per page.

How do you create these Web Stories?
How do you create these Web Stories?

The nice thing about this example:

And that the videos you use are subtitled. AMP test. Test your story in Google’s AMP tester . This way you can be sure that your story is properly indexed. Structured data (optional). Add structured data to your story so that Google and other search engines better understand what the content is about. The following 4 mark-ups are possible for stories:

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