How do you create a good content strategy?

Read Rick’s accompanying blog ‘ Tone of voice in practice: in 6 steps to recognizable copy ‘ Cut, paste and redecorate! Smooth transfer of your content Anyone. Who has ever been involved in moving to a new website or CMS knows. That a content migration is more than just cut and paste. It’s also a good time to do a major cleaning. But where do you start? What content do you take with you?

The power of content

And who does what? Migration coordinator Esmee and project leader Danila developed a method to clean up, transfer and improve your content in four phases. pitfalls? Of course you don’t fall for that! Read Danila’s blog on ‘ Content migration: the 5 most common pitfalls ‘ A roadmap for digital accessibility VP Technical Email Lists Since September 23, 2020, all websites of government and semi-government institutions must comply with the guidelines for digital accessibility (WCAG 2.1).

Presenter is the content organization

What steps should you take? How do you draw up an accessibility statement? And how do you create your content suitable for all online users? In this webinar, WCAG specialist Marianne Resort explains what digital accessibility means, why it matters and how to approach it.  Read Marianne’s blog ‘ How does your website meet the accessibility requirements ‘ To knowledge base

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