How do you apply nostalgia

Despite (or perhaps only boosting the campaign) the cancellation of the NCAA basketball tournament, Coca-Cola launched a campaign that highlighted the most iconic moments in the tournament’s history. It placed Coca-Cola bottles in the hands of the players. They also extended the campaign beyond just sports fans. They also made small remakes of well-known 80s films in collaboration with major film studios, in which the Coca-Cola.

Marketing as a marketer?

Flavors bottles once again played an important role. The campaign thus responds to the nostalgic feelings of sports fans and film buffs and allowed Bahrain WhatsApp Number List them to relive cherished moments, this time linked to Coca-Cola. Let consumers relive pre-corona times So there seems to be no better time for nostalgia marketing than now. Consumers long for pre-corona times.

The past year and a half

Images and music that remind us of the past evoke a feeling of longing, warmth and cosiness even more than usual. Creating a positive brand association has never been easier! * Wildschut, C., Sedikides, C., & Cordaro, F. (2011). Self-regulatory interplay between negative and positive emotions: The case of loneliness and nostalgia. 67-83). New York, NY: Springer.

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