How do they manage it?

They load and unload twice a day (usually) in the middle of the city at busy places. There is therefore a traffic jam twice a day. The electric bicycles tear around, sometimes choosing the pavement for speed. In addition , employees complain about low wages (full-time you earn about 2,000 euros gross per month) and poor working conditions in the mini-warehouses.

Fierce competition lurking

So there is still a lot that needs to be done. The choice is huge Where I myself find it difficult to choose between Thuisbezorgd, Uber Eats and Israel WhatsApp Number List Deliveroo, you also have the choice between HelloFresh, Marley Spoon, Ekomenu and let’s not forget Picnic, Jumbo, Albert Heijn and all other supermarkets… Where I sometimes ordered Ben & Jerry’s at New York Pizza via Thuisbezorgd on my lazy cheat day (with a bottle of drink to get to the minimum order value), I will definitely do this via Gorillas next time.

In the Netherlands

I don’t have to drink a bottle, and they are even faster. That it will mainly be young adults who will make use of the flash delivery service. The age category in which you already have a job, don’t mind paying a. Little more for your groceries, and you don’t (or not always) make a weekly schedule with evening meals.

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