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They are the most important values ​​of a company: core values. Yet many organizations do not have things in order. I see both large and small companies failing in all kinds of areas. That inspired me to write this article, because I think there’s a good chance that your company is also making one of these 7 mistakes. What are core values? Just briefly the definition of the word core values, because I can imagine that the concept is a bit vague.

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Core values ​​show what a company stands for. It determines the behavior and culture within an organization and answers the question: what is the essence of your company? With a core values ​​trajectory you really get to know your Finland Phone Number List company, so that you have a stronger story for the outside world. Another advantage is that your standards and values ​​are clearer.

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This forms the basis for your company culture and makes certain choices easier. For example, if one of your core values ​​is sober , it will be a little easier to say no when the Quote asks you for an interview. Back to the most common mistakes. Below you will find a list of points where I regularly see things go wrong. 1.Too many core values Many companies go wrong with too many core values. I’ve seen examples of organizations where they list 8 or even 10 values. There are far too many to remember.

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