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This is one of those things that should be called by all netizens, but the problem often arises. A large number of less tech-savvy people are often confused about the difference between CC and BCC when it comes to email. But let me tell you, from my experience, even a lot of tech-savvy people don’t know the difference – or maybe they don’t care. Not only is the field of CC and BCC and their purpose in email a good piece of knowledge, there is, but it’s part of the etiquette email that we should follow. Today we’ll delve deeper into the CC and BCC areas and see how they differ from each other.

What Are Cc and Bcc Fields?

Well, when you send an email, there must be a recipient. We all know that the recipient’s email address should be put in the field when you compose the email. CC means carbon copy . Email addresses in this field will receive copies of emails. CC is only done to keep Philippines Phone Number List informed about senders and recipients in to the domain to discuss the matter via email.

This is also known as keeping the CC recipient loop . CC recipients are not generally expected to reply and intervene unless there is a reason. BCC stands for blind carbon copy . This field is basically the same as the BCC copy of the email with the only difference that no recipient will know who else has sent it. BCC is commonly used when you want to send bulk emails. For example, if you wish to send some information to 400 people, it would be inappropriate to put all email IDs in the To or Cc fields.

Why Is It Inappropriate to Put Lots of Email Addresses in the to or Cc Fields?

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Putting in or cc’ing everyone’s email address in the field will expose everyone’s email address to everyone else. This way, you’re not just sending the booking information across, but also sending out email addresses to everyone which could be abused. Some people might not mind their email ID being disclosed in this way – but some certainly would.

So in this case, you should put your own addresses in the BCC domain and all addresses in the to domain. So effectively you get your own email and everyone at the BCC gets a blind copy – and they don’t know who else got a copy of that email.

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