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Fun fact Some know-it-all on Twitter laughed at Shell for displaying Switzerland Phone Number List the rainbow upside down on the eaves of the stations. So they couldn’t even do that right. That’s the downside of social media. Anyone can just post negative nonsense on it. The designer Switzerland Phone Number List of the flag, Gilbert Baker, has clearly stated that there is no upper or lower. Everyone can choose for themselves. In fact, the flag was originally designed to be. Hung vertically from Each Social Media Channel the lampposts along the route of the Pride parade in San Francisco. Look before you stupid tweet. 3. Uber ‘Diversity, against all kinds of weather’, that sums up Uber a bit. The company itself has good intentions.

Every Channel Has A Different

When it comes to diversity: they have scored a perfect 100% on Switzerland Phone Number List the HRC Corporate Equality Index for years. But it doesn’t stop there: they have openly opposed Trump’s policies on transgender people, partnering with charities such as the San Francisco AIDS Foundation , The Trevor Project , It Gets Better Project , and Trans:Thrive . Their corporate website Switzerland Phone Number List clearly defines what they stand for, which is commendable: Our goal is to promote LGBTQ inclusion and diversity at Uber. We believe the world is brighter, more colorful, more productive, more creative, and happier when each of us can be authentic to who we are.

A Different Audience

Switzerland Phone Number List

However, especially in the Netherlands, they have often been in Switzerland Phone Number List the news with negative messages. Treatment of and controversial behavior by the drivers – such as refusing or evicting drag queens, including Amsterdam icon Jennifer Hopelezz. This Switzerland Phone Number List continued, even after a covenant and the promise of improvement. Now the drivers are not employed by the company, which makes it a bit more difficult to manage ( pun intended ), but still. A photo of someone scaling up behind the LGBT+ community. Uber’s promotions From 2014 they tell their story, and that goes further than just words.

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