Healthy teams are the building blocks

Check whether the goal and priorities are clear and let your employees be free in how they approach this. Send on output and be available for questions, but avoid getting in the way. 5. Encourage a healthy balance Working from home and remotely is not the best solution for everyone. Marit advises to keep the number of meetings to a minimum (maximum four per day and 45 minutes at a time) and to work asynchronously.

Be inspired

Some benefit from working from nine to five, others prefer to start a little later and still others prefer to work in two shifts. Discuss working hours and accessibility as a team, so that everyone can achieve Latvia WhatsApp Number List a work-life balance with time for relaxation, family and friends, sports and healthy food. A happy and healthy team that functions in their own way ultimately produces better quality output.

only then can you be inspiring

6. You are the example Things have changed a bit since the press conference on October 13, of course, but between the reopening of the office and that moment you may have gone to the office regularly. Marit argues that working too much from the office is not a good idea if you eventually want to move to a hybrid model of both working from home and at the office.

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