Having a Famous Founder Helps

This week on the Fast Track podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing the team behind Taraji P. Henson’s TPH hair care. Specifically, Taraji’s TPH Marketing and Product Development Director Erin Williams and Social Media Manager Jennifer Johnson joined us to help answer the question, “How can brands contribute to today’s social justice movement?” We’re excited to have the absolute best guests to answer this question!TLDR: Listen before you act, read the room, and make sure everyone in the room is not like you. But don’t wait too long or people will think you’re not with them. 

But Shouldn’t Hold You Back

TPH is just 6 months old, and while the brand may be new to the shelves, Taraji has decades of experience driving hair culture, which is the brand’s overall goal. The brand’s founders are passionate about social justice and mental health, and so are their clients. The Philippines Phone Number List TPH team is fully aware that their shared values ​​make it easier to truly integrate their social platforms into the Black Lives Matter Movement. However, it is important for all companies to look inward and see how they can contribute to the movement in a way that feels authentic. Consumers expect action from the brands they choose to shop. In this year’s Consumer Reports, 71% of millennials prefer to shop with companies that align with their values. Committing to social change is a good thing, but it’s not why you should.

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Brands Can do Almost Anything

It takes a long time to remove years of hiring bias, and it can be frustrating that you can’t act right away. Fortunately, this isn’t the only way you can support the BLM movement. You can show public support for the movement. You can elevate the minority voices that exist within your company. You can hire different influencers and content creators. Remember, small wins add up! Financial donations are great, but long-term change requires action. People ultimately want their voices to be heard, and giving them a platform to talk about issues that matter to them is empowering, and it can be done now. 


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