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After listening to the podcast De Deventer Mediazaak it became even clearer to me that many people suffer from the Halo effect, which occurs in our subconscious. It’s a cognitive bias in our brain. If we don’t consciously pay attention to it, it can have major consequences. That the Halo effect has a rotten side effect becomes painfully clear after watching the movie or listening to the podcast.

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The Deventer murder case Well, back to the beginning. The podcast De Deventer Mediazaak and the new film De Ververdeling zoom in on the role of the media during the trial of the Deventer murder case , in which the wealthy widow Wittenberg Jamaica Phone Number List was killed. After the murder. The bookkeeper’ is soon convicted of the murder of the widow. But then there is a quarrel in the case (partly due to errors of the Public Prosecution Service),

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There is a lot of noise, there are assumptions and ambiguities in the matter, and that is right up Maurice de Hond’s hand. New ‘research’ what? What does that have to do with it? Well, that’s one of those moments when your jaw drops. Because we know the man from his role as opinion pollster, of course, but Maurice also has a rich history in IT and as an entrepreneur.

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