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In addition, with the shift from work to knowledge work. The person who does the work is a more important factor. So also how that person feels. The ability to learn, the will to show ownership and. The desire to contribute means that employees are more creative, can handle more work and remain permanently employable. Where do you start? If you want to get started with happiness in an organization, then the Handbook Happiness at Work (affiliate) by Ad Bergsma,

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Onno Hamburger and Erwin Klappe is a good start. It is a toolbox with all kinds of tools that help you to make happiness at work on an organizational and individual level concrete. The book consists of three parts: Happy organizing: how do I stimulate happiness at work Venezuela WhatsApp Number List in my organization? Happy leadership: how do I stimulate happiness at work in my team? Happy working: how do I increase my own happiness at work? It is therefore not a book that primarily helps you to organize your own life differently,

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but mainly focuses on organizations and teams. Different theories Each part contains a number of essays, which address one particular aspect of happiness at work. A lot of tools are presented in it. The writers have a strong preference for models. The book covers the following: The pyramid of at work An ABC culture The three basic needs from self-determination theory The three pillars of progress-oriented working The five-stage rocket to sustainable deployability The HEART model.

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