Growth by Benthe podcast

But also about the growth of entrepreneurs and companies. Need even more podcast tips? Then take a look at this list with 19 inspiring podcasts about (content) marketing , which we shared earlier. And here’s another list of 18 podcast tips . I wish you many inspiring listening sessions! Want to jump on the podcasting train too? Podcasts are a useful tool to keep.

What is your favorite December campaign?

Target groups engaged and to reach them at the right time with the right message. Do you also want to record a podcast, but don’t know where to start? Then this training might be for you. Dive into the world of podcasting and learn everything from determining what you want to say to Kazakhstan B2B List making and editing recordings. Yes, interesting! For years, scoring the best Christmas commercial has been a real battle between supermarket chains.

The December campaigns success

But other brands are also making an attempt to become a public favorite around the holidays. The real Christmas fans can indulge themselves during the commercial breaks on TV. To take stock, I’ve made a list of the December campaigns that stand out and impress. Or have a high tear-jerker level. Tastes differ, but this is my personal top 5 best December campaigns of 2021. 5.

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