Google Gravity Space

Ricardo Cabello created another cool trick. Like these various elements of Google’s homepage float are in a zero-gravity environment or space. This trick is also interactive. You can drag any element and move it anywhere you want. Go on a rampage and throw all the elements around Googling at your will.

google ball trick, In this trick Mr. Dub makes all the web elements fly around the hurricane and so on. Then slowly all the elements softly settle Germany Phone Number List into the spherical rotation. If you move your mouse cursor away from the center of the screen, the speed of the vortex will increase. Moving the cursor towards the center slows down the movement. Also, by taking the cursor right or left, you can change the rotation direction. Clicking on the search box results in a little magnification.

Google Mirror

A more interesting gravity trick is Google Mirror. As its name suggests, this trick displays a mirror image of Google’s homepage. Everything from the logotype to the text, even the typing direction would be another way round. This application displays a fully functional web page. You can enter your query and get search results from Google. guess what? Even the results will be displayed in a mirrored way! If you can manage mirror reading, you can easily understand what the result is!

Google Guitar

Germany Phone Number List
Germany Phone Number List

Well, how come a query sounds ? Wondering? Well, just go to Google Guitar and enter your query in the search box. On every keystroke, this app will play guitar notes. Google’s regular logo has been replaced with a “doodle” of guitars. Look up Google while playing the guitar in any fun way! If you move the mouse to scribble on the guitar, then have it play notes. So, you can try or even just move the mouse over the strings of a google doodle guitar to extract the melody. The app also provides some clues to help you hit a few real melodies.

google search terminal, ELGOOG has created this application to display an old-fashioned terminal such as a computer interface. It’s fully functional, but now apparently something is breaking it. The application displays the interface, accepts your query – but fails to fetch and display search results. When you press enter to search for something, it shows an error. Still, it feels good to be back with a character-based computer interface with a black background and colored letters gone by the times.

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