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To guarantee quality content to Russia Phone Number List its users, Google integrates a certain number of criteria into its algorithm in order to define a relevant results page following a query.  To penalize and downgrade low-quality sites. The best known are panda and penguin. Launched in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Penguin aims to Russia Phone Number List detect and penalize poor-quality links. This is for example the case of sites using over-optimization and unnatural linking techniques, such as excessive net linking,

That Penguin Is Getting

This is the last data update from penguin. As the filter is now fully integrated into the algorithm. Thus penguin now works in near real-time. Its data will be updated continuously. Which allows sites that have been penalized to be possible. This is the last data update from penguin. Thus penguin now works in near real-time. Reclassified more quickly without waiting for. The next update or on Russia Phone Number List the contrary. It speeds up the process of penalization of sites whose.  This integration of penguin into. The algorithm also means that Google will. No longer make any official announcements. Regarding its future updates.

Russia Phone Number List

 Excessive Use of Keywords


by only targeting and penalizing “spamming” pages rather than entire websites. Google recalls, finally, that these changes to  Penguin represent only a very small part of the updates made, among the 200 indicators used to determine the positioning of a site. The quality of a website and its content.  A successful user experience. Headband-ago it is always possible to Russia Phone Number List get. Out of a google penguin penalty.  Just want to protect yourself from it. Our SEO experts are here to help and support you in this process.

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