Go make things possible for them

Cyber ​​criminals often very specifically target employees of, for example, financial institutions, governments and insurers. Advice: Updating your router password is not a luxury. In addition, working via a VPN or with an Email Data Protection Specialist can significantly strengthen security!

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Are you cybersecurity lazy? Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month was created to create (and increase) awareness of cybersecurity. With the corona crisis and more and more working from home, this issue is more Oman WhatsApp Number List relevant than ever. Many employees are not aware that a data breach or hack could destroy an organization. Let’s finally take this month’s goal – awareness – seriously in 2020.

Go make things possible for them
Go make things possible for them

Empowering employees should come first.

Even if it means reaching out to our phones to enter an extra verification code (2fa). We sleep with our cellphones, so we can use them every now and then to secure information – and save our corporate reputation. An awareness question: is your organization doing everything it can to be able to work safely at home?

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