Gmail Limits Every Day Limits When Sending Emails

You are busy inviting your friends to your sister’s wedding. Your Gmail address book is up to date. You are happy, you have more than 700 friends. Wow! Your mail merge document is also ready. You’re confident that your favorite Gmail, one of the most popular email services, will deliver invitations in seconds. Press the send button. Bah! “Gmail limit: You have reached the limit for sending mail” error! Left you wondering what is the daily Gmail limit?

Just how many emails can you send via Gmail every day? Gmail’s limit on the number of messages sent per day is also the number of recipients per message. Today we will discuss how to avoid mistakes and related best practices. This discussion applies to messages sent from your computer or mobile device.

Limitations of Gmail Why Does It Exist?

Most Gmail users encounter the “limited” error message at some point or another. As a regular Gmail account user it is essential to understand how much mail you can send through your account. A regular Gmail account contains an account with a domain address, and it’s available for free . So it does have certain restrictions to help prevent spam and keep Pakistan Phone Number List your Google account safe. You cannot exceed the number of emails that can be sent per day or you can add the number of recipients. As a regular Gmail account user can send 500 messages per day .

However, if you are using a POP or IMAP client, the limit is reduced to 100 emails per day. Gmail limit per day If the daily quota is exceeded, in addition to popping up error messages, Gmail will keep unsent messages in the Drafts folder in the mailbox. Google may also temporarily disable Gmail accounts without any warning.

How to Fix Gmail Errors

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You are not performing any major tasks to avoid Gmail’s errors. You can fix or avoid mistakes by keeping some basic tips in mind. Let’s look at some of the errors we might encounter.

However, your Gmail inbox can be revisited after 24 hours. Sometimes you can still get similar errors when the message sent is within the allowed range. Note that each CC or BCC recipient also increments the count , so if you have 25 BCC recipients for one email, then it will count as 26 emails. One email with too many BCC recipients is also rejected as spam. Note that these limitations only apply to free Gmail accounts. However, if you are using a paid account on G Suite , these limits will be higher and the app may have its own sending limits. Now, let’s take a look at the types of errors you might receive and how to fix them.

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