Getting started with Web Stories

The stories can be embedded and therefore reused on multiple pages. It’s a modern way to share content and information with your target audience. Almost everyone already knows the principle of stories. From social media and is used to absorbing information in this way. Stories on your website are interactive, because you have to click, listen and look.

How do you create these Web Stories?

This keeps your message better with the user; It fits in with Google’s trend to display results that provide quick answers to a search query; The observant reader already noticed: they are not Google Web Stories for nothing. This is Google’s answer to Singapore Business Fax List the fast-paced content of social media. The search engine itself has developed a handy plugin for this content form, so that the stories are easily indexable and can rank quickly in the search results!

Sure, this is a very specific search term

The first #1 positions in Google for (English) Web Stories have already been spotted: Web Stories ‘Disqus Indexing’ Sure, this is a very specific search term. The nice thing about this example: the story is above a branded ( result! This shows the enormous potential of these stories. The content is easily manageable and thus perfectly meets the search intention. How do you create these Web Stories? Google makes it very simple for websites that run on WordPress to create Web Stories.

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