Get Traffic From Google Plus Using 7 Easy Ways

Social media marketing has always been a great way to drive traffic to our blog. As you probably know, Facebook and Pinterest are the best referrals for website traffic. What most of us overlook, however, is Google Plus, which recently had a massive growth of over 250 million dedicated users. Google Plus surpassed LinkedIn in terms of referral Georgia Phone Number List traffic in 2014. The company recently restructured itself to compete with Pinterest. Google Plus has been the most promising addition to common people marketing and influence. Get Traffic From Google Plus Using 7 Easy Ways.

Create Eye-catching Posts That Attract Viewers and Back-direct Them to Your Blog

Google Plus is one of the few social networks that allows you to customize your articles to make them more engaging and thus enhance readability. With formatted posts, users can clearly see what they are expected to do. Google Plus allows you to bold text highlights and make them stand out. You can also use italics, strikethrough, numbered lists, bullet points, or a combination of these styles to make your updates resemble your blog posts. Below is the Moz cheat sheet showing how you can make your Google Plus update stand out. Google Plus Formatting Cheats How to use text formatting in Google, plus your advantage? Use bold headlines to mark your article titles on Google. Use italic text to give your posts a sleek preview.

Increase the Visibility and Longevity of Your Google Plus Posts

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Georgia Phone Number List

You may have the best-formatted post and a brilliantly designed image, but if no one sees it, you’re going to fail. Use hashtags on any social network to increase the longevity and scope of your updates. Likewise, you can use Google related hashtags to increase the reach of your message and therefore more traffic. If you don’t have any idea of ​​what hashtags to use, you can start typing and Google Plus will automatically suggest you relevant ones. Google Plus also automatically keeps up to 3tags if you don’t have any. If you’re wondering which hashtags are yours and what you remember Google has automatically set, the grey ones are for you and the blue ones are by Google.


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