Get to know Kevin Systrom the Founder of Instagram

In the realm of social media, who is not familiar with Instagram. This photo sharing app is very popular all over the world. Indonesia is no exception. Based on a Kompas survey at the end of 2019, there were 59,840,000 Instagram user accounts in Indonesia. As for the world level, users have penetrated the 1 billion mark. The rapid growth of Instagram even beats Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. Of course you are curious right, who is the figure behind Instagram? This article will invite you, Friends of IDwebhost to get to know Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram.


1 Biography of Kevin Systrom the Founder of Instagram

1.1 Resigning from Google
2 The Birth of Instagram
3 Instagram History, Kevin Systrom’s Resignation

The figure behind the success of Instagram is Kevin Systrom. The man who was born in the city of Hollingston on December 30, 1983 is the son of Diane and Douglas Systrom. His mother is a marketing executive, while his father is vice president of Human Resource Management at a leading department store company in the United States.

Kevin Systrom spent his high school years at Middlesex School in Concord, Massachusetts. After graduating from high school, Kevin entered the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

During college, Kevin Systrom had an internship at a startup called Odeo. Later, Odeo transformed into Twitter. A microblogging-based social media with a very large number of users.

And unlike many tech celebrities who didn’t finish their tertiary education at Stanford, Kevin managed to finish his studies in 2006. Later, he joined Google after graduating from college.

In this search engine company Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists created by Sergey Brinn and Larry Page, Kevin works as a product marketing manager. Google’s flagship products, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Spreadsheets, were also contributed by Kevin Systrom’s thoughts.

Resigned from Google

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Kevin Systrom did not last long at Google. After resigning from the search engine giant, he joined another technology company called Nextop. Nextstop itself is a startup founded and developed by several Google dropout employees. Although he focuses more on marketing, he often balances brilliant ideas to help Nextstop in the programming field.

After resigning from Nextstop, Kevin moved from one startup to another. Capital of experience traveling the world finally made Kevin Systrom’s determination to start his own company. By cooperating with a colleague named Mike Krieger, the two agreed to establish Burbn. Burbn, which is the embryo of Instagram, focuses more on mobile HTML5 technology.

Kevin then invited his partner to do something bigger. After spending a lot of time discussing, the two tried to realize the idea by making a prototype from Burbn. And because it’s still a prototype, there are still many shortcomings in Burbn.

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