Get started, but how?

The number of webshops worldwide is growing enormously. Especially in a time where digital possibilities are. Clicks and low costs. One of the most popular tools right now is Shopify. Whether you have some experience with Shopify or are still in an exploration phase, in. This article I share a handy reference guide to get you started. Wat is Shopify?

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You may not immediately ring a bell when you hear the name Shopify. So first an explanation in a nutshell: Shopify is an online store software that mainly operates in North America. Shopify has been available in more and more countries Belize WhatsApp Number List for several years, including the Netherlands. Currently, about 1.7 million webshops run with Shopify in 175 countries.

Get started, but how?

The platform is accessible and suitable for anyone who has never set up a webshop or has no technical knowledge of programming. The options and possibilities are diverse, such as expanding your webshop with a weblog, SEO functions and integrating different payment methods. When you first come into contact with Shopify, it can all be quite overwhelming. Where should you start?

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