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This means you spend less time building your Facebook ads! Do you have questions about dynamic remarketing on Facebook? Then leave a comment in the comments.Due to agreements between Google and the EU, a kind of split has arisen between Google Shopping and Google Ads (AdWords). In this article I will discuss the consequences. In addition, it is possible for anyone who advertises on Google Shopping to receive a discount of up to 20 percent on the click price. This can quickly provide a major competitive advantage for all Shopping campaigns run in the EU (European Economic Area to be precise). You can also read more about this in this article. The Google monopoly & the billion-dollar fine In 2017, Google was fined no less than 2.4 billion by the EU . One of the reasons for this was the monopoly on the advertising market and especially on Google Shopping.

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From the beginning, it was only possible for online stores to advertise in Google Shopping. Because the searcher can quickly search and compare products via Google, many comparison websites (such as and were affected. There was less need for the searchers to look even further on the third-party sites, because Google Panama Phone Number Shopping also compares products. Because the comparison websites were not allowed to advertise in Google Shopping, there was unfair competition according to the EU. The agreements that Google has made with the EU have actually created a kind of split between Google Shopping and Google Ads (AdWords). Google Shopping had to be able to operate as a comparison website that is separate from Google Ads.


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In addition, Google Shopping had to compete with all other comparison websites and therefore also be able to earn money itself. The Google comparison website is called Google CSS (or Google Shopping Engine). The rest of the comparison websites accredited by Google are called CSS (Comparison Shopping Services) partners. What’s different now? At first glance, the change is not great. The Google Shopping campaigns can still be placed in Google Ads in the same way. The bidding works the same way (broadly speaking). The difference is the ‘comparator’ that is linked to the campaign. Below I explain with an image what is immediately visible when someone searches for a product. [A] The link to the product on the webshop. That has not changed. [B] ‘From ShopXYZ’, the name of the comparator (CSS partner) that placed the ads. That is also the link to this comparator.

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