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In addition, the robot does not use an editor. So you can’t just send Argentina Phone Number List him a paragraph for an article that is already largely ready. The robot writes so quickly and so well that most articles can go online immediately. An exception is only made for major sporting Argentina Phone Number List events. Then the articles are supplemented by living people. Artificial intelligence complements humans Preliminary conclusion We have now come to two answers. First of all, we can state that robots can indeed tell stories – already now – and that will only become easier in the future. In addition, we unfortunately have to say that it is more difficult to persuade the robot journalist to pay attention to your organization.

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But let’s turn that around. Because we can also hire a robot Argentina Phone Number List ourselves, right? Indeed, and it is already happening. The makers of IC Robotic have developed a separate platform on which PR professionals can use artificial intelligence to Argentina Phone Number List compose articles. The robot in question can get its own tone of voice . And so we can see the robotization of stories as an opportunity. The robot can write the first version for us, which we can then work with. PR and artificial intelligence in the future Incidentally, in the future it may indeed be possible to ‘co-operate’ with robot journalists.

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But that would happen indirectly. While robot journalists Argentina Phone Number List currently process simple feeds such as a series of football results. This will be expanded to larger parts of the internet in the coming years. This also means that there is a possibility that the robot will find the stories that you as a PR talent have brought into the world. Like the human journalist, the robot journalist Argentina Phone Number List will use any information that is useful. Powerful and attractive. So with the same motivation as before and now. We will be able to continue making those stories in the future. Nilsson of IC Robotic also sees a rosy picture for the PR industry. He doesn’t dare to make big predictions. But says the following: ‘When it comes to PR, especially the tools will be very relevant to us. I don’t know, of course, whether artificial intelligence will completely replace PR people.

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