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Another fitness brand that excels in both body positive language and mental health awareness is Pure Barre. Their Instagram page is filled with things like “Your body loves you. Love it back,” as well as testimonials from real members about how exercising at home has enabled them to get through this difficult time. They feature people of all ages, including some much older than we see in fitness marketing. How can we make sure that body-positive messages aren’t just a trend? Every brand has the opportunity, quite frankly – to use responsible language and work with responsible people to communicate it.

A great example in the fashion world is Aerie. Their self-proclaimed mission is “to empower all women to love their true selves.” They haven’t retouched photos used in marketing since 2014. The brand recently tapped a group of influencers and activists to support the #AerieReal campaign.

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These chosen “role models,” as the brands describe them, are responsible for making positive changes in their communities. A quick Cyprus Phone Number look at these influencers’ personal social channels shows that they’re promoting Aerie not just for pay, but because it fits their lifestyle and goals. Is it a coincidence that Aerie just posted its 20th consecutive quarter of double-digit sales growth?


Athleta has done a great job of this as well, even extending their inclusivity to the world of young girls. Marketing to Cyprus Phone Number young people can be especially tricky (and dangerous), but Athleta does it well. They recently teamed up with a diverse group of girls on a campaign to talk bra easily, a topic that makes many girls giggle. Given that the Athleta started in youthful sizes all the way to the inclusive fit adult 3XL, it’s a no-brainer for women to feel comfortable in their skin and products from a young age.

Two other brands that have had success with inclusivity are Beyond Yoga and Girlfriend Collective. Beyond Yoga partnered with body positivity influencer Noelle Downing in 2017 — pioneering an inclusive movement in fitness apparel. Girlfriend Collective has also implemented diversification in their ads and sizes, earning themselves a huge following.

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So Where Do We Start?


Influencer Review: It’s important to ensure that the influencers you work with share your brand’s core values. For example, if you’re trying to position your brand as body positive, avoid working with influencers who Photoshop themselves “before and after quarantine.”

Research background: To understand whether an influencer’s education is appropriate for the type of content they push. Are they Cyprus Phone Number registered dietitians? Certified personal trainer? There may be a lot of information available on their LinkedIn profile, but if not, ask​​​​. Use data to answer your questions: Using influencer marketing software’s value matching tool allows you to flag words you do or don’t want your partners to use. This will help you avoid collaborating with the 3,300+ fashion influencers who used the term “Quarantine-15” last month.

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