From customer journey to Content Journey:

DOWNLOAD THE MYMARKETING.COM TOPICKALENDER 2021 You don’t want to forget the standard, yet special days such as Valentine’s Day, Secretary’s Day & World Animal Day, because maybe you can respond to this in a very nice way. But how nice is it to be different from others? The topic calendar is ready to help you through the year 2021. Are you working on content planning for 2021 (think Facebook posts, blogs, campaigns, etc.)?

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Place the topic calendar next to it and you may have new ideas! Think, for example, of World Nutella Day, Tortilla Chips Day, Awkward Moments Day and Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. The crazier, the more fun. However? To knowledge base It is content marketing that strikes the clock. Or even better, context Finance Directors Email Lists marketing. In the busy media landscape of the modern consumer, there is no longer any room for pure flat advertising. As a brand, you can only stand out by offering content with added value at the right time, on the right device.

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So context is king! Likewise on social media. Developments are taking place at breakneck speed, resulting in an unprecedented professionalization of social media marketing. There is a good chance that you as a marketer no longer see the wood for the trees. So it’s time to list the rules of thumb. Curious? Download the white paper “Do you know the rules of thumb for social media content?”. To knowledge base 0 Share everything you see with the world via Instagram.

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