from almost bankrupt to leading e-commerce

Martin tells all about Blokker’s marketing and e-commerce journey in the podcast. In this HelloMasters Podcast: From near bankruptcy to IPO: how does it go? Blokker CEO Jeanine Holscher wants a startup culture. How do they handle that? What role does 3rd party data play? Which marketing channels work well for Blokker? HelloMasters is the podcast about marketing, strategy and teams.

In this HelloMasters Podcast:

We talk to CMOs and marketing leaders about the rapidly changing landscape. Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify . Powered by HelloMaaS and Frankwatching. Buy b2b ema. Blokker’s success story to get started with e-commerce yourself? Or do you want to optimize your Suriname B2B List e-commerce platform? Then the practical E-commerce & webshops Training offers you the tools you need. Learn all about ecommerce and lead nurturing strategies to buyer personas.

Martin has been working at Blokker

And from customer journey mapping to conversion optimization. Discover what it takes to start a webshop and make it successful. Knowing more? 0 comments – Be the first to comment! Others also read 18 Poolside Podcast Tips: Refresh & Catch Your Breath How do you measure the success of your podcast? Exact’s marketing strategy: investing in teams, the community & events

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