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This campaign draws attention to the Youth Education Fund, which helps to increase the development opportunities of children growing up in poverty. I think it is a good move that Lidl has chosen to pay attention to this subject this year. There is quite a taboo surrounding this topic, while it affects so many children. Also read: The 10 most striking and best brand campaigns of 2021. The ‘Luxury for All’ Christmas commercial was developed in collaboration. With Joe Public. Not yet seen?

The message behind the campaign is solid

Watch it here: The purpose of the TV commercial. Will be continued in the physical stores. Lidl customers are encouraged to contribute while shopping. Customers can Macau B2B List donate groceries from the beginning of December, to which Lidl itself adds a luxury stole and turns it into packages for children. In addition, customers can donate their deposit vouchers to the Youth Education Fund.

Do you remember last year’s New Year’s

Lidl will increase this amount with an extra donation at the end of the campaign. 3. Albert Heijn: the smallest greatest love story of the year Such a cute love story should not be missing from this list, right? Albert Heijn is bringing the ‘smallest greatest love story of the year’ in the Christmas campaign this year. Harry, the hamster of supermarket manager Ilse, plays the leading role in this. This little four-legged friend goes on an adventure to spend Christmas with his great love.

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