freedom of the press often takes precedence over privacy

The moment you want to promote or sell something, you are dealing with commercial use. This category is very broad. An obvious example is the use of images in a campaign or an advertising brochure. In this case, the image is literally used to generate money or prestige. But there are also examples that are perhaps less obvious. Buy B2B email list from latest mailing list. Someone in a brochure to promote the municipality among tourists. This also falls under commercial use.

It is sometimes thought

In this way, photos provide attention and income. A photo on the website of the National Vacature Bank falls under commercial use. Photo: ANP / Koen van Weel A photo on the website of the National Vacature Bank falls under Mexico B2B List commercial use. Photo: ANP / Koen van Weel Quitclaimovereenkomst If you want. To use someone’s portrait to gain money or prestige, clear. Agreements must be made with the person portrayed. You cannot make someone the face of your. Campaign or brand without being asked.

We all have a right to privacy

A quitclaim agreement must be signed containing. The agreements between all parties. For example, whether the person depicted in question. Receives compensation and where the image is all recorded or distributed. You can arrange this yourself or choose a photo from the image bank of a stock photo agency. Where you can often find photos where this has already been covered. In this situation you cannot just use the photo of Kasja Ollongren. Usually you also pay more for a photo. That you want to use commercially.

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