For retailers, this leads to better

Better purchase decisions reduce returns and associated costs – and it’s better for the environment. Development is going much faster than you think, so now is the time to get started with AR. You might come to the conclusion that it’s not for the industry you’re in, but at least you’ve considered it. Think like a designer All the above-mentioned organizations have really looked at the customer’s needs and devised a suitable solution for this.

What are the most important trends

If you also want to learn how to identify the needs of users or customers by means of design research and design thinking, and thereby arrive at new creative and innovative ideas, processes and/or products, the Design Thinking Training might be something for you. . Curious? Watch the Trinidad and Tobago B2B List workout! What are the most important trends for online marketing, communication, social media and customer experience?

The editors of Frankwatching list

The editors of Frankwatching list them for you. Our experts share their vision on these developments and immediately give you useful tips. Read (or scan) and save the articles, so that you are completely up-to-date for your work. The most important online trends Every year many articles about online trends appear on Frankwatching. Some authors even write about the latest developments every year, so that you can follow the changes over the years. Below we share a selection of articles about the online trends for 2022.

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