For hundreds of thousands of years

Thought leader of the tribe you lead In his TED talk. Derek Sivers gives a wonderful example of how to start a movement. Someone who is insanely enthusiastic and confident about his idea. Which radiates outwardly and who quickly converts. The first followers into ambassadors. Who know how to attract a larger audience. Many organizations like to become a thought. Leader in their industry and more and more organizations do not form a standard layer of customers, but really a powerful community around their own brand.

More and more companies such

The coolest events we know today, from SXSW and Web Summit to the World Economic Forum (where I’m Digital Leader), all originated from a community. A community that conducts a constant dialogue about a certain topic. That allows itself to be continuously fed in all sorts of ways. With new input and possibly communicates inspiration. And output French Business Fax List to the outside world. A wonderful basis to build an event from as an organization. For the delivery of speakers and spectators, as. Well as all creative input from, for example, hackathons and content from the dialogues that are facilitated in various ways.

Marketing is constantly on the move

Content that a community and organization can sometimes use for a year. Communities and especially topics abound, for which there is no good event yet. Something that you as an organization can score beautifully with as a ‘crazy one’, who initiates and facilitates the whole. Setting up an even better platform for connecting people and ideas, strengthening knowledge and the community itself and, of course, the reputation of the organization. More haste less speed The possibilities for organizing an online event are plentiful .

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