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How the website works and URL structure Check which choices. Have been made for the use of categories and the URL structure. And also not unimportant, whether there is a difference between the desktop and mobile version of the website. First of all, think of the use of the menu in the menu bar, the footer links and the use of internal links. Differences can therefore arise if you use a special mobile menu.

This allows you to see which

Because Google uses a mobile browser, the menu items must be viewed carefully, and whether all links work. I also check whether all ‘standard’ pages are present, such as the contact page, About us page, Privacy Policy, General Terms Uganda Phone Number List and Conditions, etcetera. These are exactly the pages that you always see in the Google Quality Rater Guidelines when it comes to EAT .

If there is one error

If you miss all kinds of EAT signals on your website, this can have a negative impact on findability. 6. Keyword-kannibalisatie When several pages for a similar topic want to score, it is possible that you will suffer from keyword cannibalization. I have to admit that looking up this can be quite difficult at larger webshops. Often it is also difficult to solve, when necessary, because Google is sometimes very stubborn.

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