Follow-up plans with sales & marketing

What role does sales and which marketing play? Many inbound marketers use the following method: Source. It is often assumed that marketing generates. Nurtures and warms up the leads until the ‘ handover ‘ to sales takes place. This method often creates friction. And in practice it often turns out that insufficient leads are generated. With sales indicating that the leads are also of insufficient quality.

Make an offer (CTA)

It is better to separate lead generation, where 50% of. Buy job function list from latest mailing list. This requires a prospecting strategy, in which every sales person makes a strategic Professors EDU Email Addresses account list. You can use this list every(!) day to actively prospect.


A useful tip here is to ask people

From marketing you can contribute to this by running targeted campaigns on those accounts via, for example, LinkedIn or email marketing. Lead generation and qualification through the webinar If you then set up a lead generation campaign together, it is important to collect the right leads, but also to qualify those leads during the webinar! By stimulating engagement via questions, chat and polls, you can qualify a lead.

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