Focus on data integrity

An important focus for B2B marketers in 2022, because this will be one of the most important challenges. 2. The skillset of B2B marketers: increasingly ‘data-driven’ The trend towards data-driven marketing has been present for several years now. Every marketer knows that it is essential to have insight into the data and to be able to act on it quickly. In theory that is, because in.

The tools that are often integrated

That almost 2/3 of the marketers indicate that his or. Her department has insufficient skills in-house in the field of data and analytic matters. Also, 1/3 of the marketing managers Malaysia Phone Number List indicate that they do not trust their own data , according to a blog from NIMA B2B. Screenshot of chart showing ‘30% of marketers don’t trust their own data’. Source: Adverity .

Because only if you integrate

It is therefore inevitable as a B2B marketer to invest in knowledge in the field of data-driven marketing. 3. The marketing tools are better integrated Recent years have been dominated by a. Strong growth in all kinds of marketing technology tools. There are now more than 9000 different tools available, of which more than 3600 European solutions . 9000 marketing technology tools in a row.

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